March 3-7, 2014: Where Lost Boys Gather

At the end of the road. I am getting ready to install my thesis show at the John and June Allcott Gallery inside the art building at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

The show is called Where Lost Boys Gather and every artist that goes has a Q&A with the: Daily Tarheel the school's paper. Here's a preview and the reason why I chose the title:

DTH: Why is it entitled “Where Lost Boys Gather”?

IC: It was something that I wrote for this gallery talk before I got into the Allcott Gallery. I was really questioning: What was this space that I was depicting? What is it to me? When I look at spaces, I think of a narrative that goes with it. What becomes of the space when you put your work in it? It becomes this other dimension. You cross that glass wall and it’s quiet compared to the busy hallways when classes end and people are in and out constantly. So, the entrance to the gallery becomes a space of its own; it becomes a different dimension.

I was thinking about what narrative gave me that separation between the real world and something fictional. I thought of Peter Pan because the work is very celestial — there’s blue and there are lines that sort of reference constellations where lines meet and the paper frazzles. It becomes constellations like the ones that are in written format or drawn format. The idea of the star becoming this transportation device is of the lost world where Peter Pan takes Wendy. And so, that is where I’m leading this alternative space – to this other dimension that you can create within the gallery space and within your work.

Credit to Daily Tar Heel